Internet of Things in Education

What is Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the current technology that is embedded system of devices,vehicles, buildings and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors which enables data acquisition and transmission via Internet and so called as The“Internet of Things”.

The Internet of Things and Education:-

There are many researches done on how IoT can have a better impact on Education. In simple, the computers will alter the way the learning. The IoT will definitely shape the learning for the next generation.

Applications for the IoT are already being leveraged in sectors like healthcare and customer service. Now, the Education Industry is keen in implementing the IoT strategies.

IoT- A practical Approach:-

As we think about the practical approach of IoT, the students can take the advantage of new technologies to complete cool new projects. Students in science classes might use RFID to tag sample specimens in the wild so they can take notes without leaving the classroom.Textbooks could be scanned to receive instant additional resources and assignments.These IoTs will make the students highly tech literates rather than being a literate. 

IoT for Special Need Students:-

This Technology of IoT will be very helpful for the Special Need Students.  For Instance, a visually impaired student can access IoT technology to learn things comfortably. They can take care of the issue, which also builds self-confidence and promotes independence. Its damn sure that the IoT will establish a personalized experience in learning and curiosity.

Robyn Howton  Mount Pleasant High School AVID Coordinator/English Teacher USA  said “I decided my personal goal was to turn my classroom into a model so other teachers who want to start down this path way have someone to come and [observe].”

Increased Efficiency:-

The regular activities of the schools like taking the attendance, notes of lesson, scheduling the timetables etc… can be done with the increased efficiency via IoT. The IoT can also help cut energy costs.

IoT-The Ultimate System:-

The ultimate advantage of IoT is that it will shift the system of education from learning,writing and scoring to the massive creative minds that can create practical,reasonable products the teachers, students and administrators can get behind.

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