How to pass exams when there is no time to revise?

Every year, students worldwide tell themselves the same thing: "It's going to be different this time. I'm not going to leave anything to the last minute. I'll make a calendar and plan."

Of course, in reality that never happens.

It's the final hour and you're starting to panic. Don't worry. This isn't a guide to help you become more organised. This is a lesson on last-minute, caffeine fuelled cramming.

Here's how to pass exams when you've got barely any time to revise.

1) Don't panic

Probably the most important thing to remember. It might be the most important exam of your life, but you won't get anything done if you start running around like a headless chicken.

2) Find a suitable place to work

Your desk, the kitchen table, the library, a café, but wherever works for you and be prepared to stay there. Stay away from your bed, however as it will increase the likelihood of accidental napping.

3) Be prepared

Assemble your resources - paper, notes, water bottle. Don't worry if you can't find your favourite pen. This is crunch time. Make do with the pink highlighter if you have to.

Mega Education Conclave In Srinagar

To help the education sector in the state to grow to international standards, Joint Committee of Private Schools is organising a mega education conclave from May 24. The conclave will be attended by international educational experts and top notches in the field from other states. The aim of the conference is to make state aware of the latest trends in the educational sector and show a way forward in both private and government schools, the committee said in a statement.

It said that due to lack of proper infrastructure, shortage of well trained teachers and government funds for education, lack of adequate resources and poor governance, J&K’s educational system suffers from serious drawbacks and problems. “Government schools are allowed to remain mediocre because they lack competition and accountability and this has allowed the private sector to assume a greater role in education Sector,” said G N Var president JCPS. “Here experts and educationists from private and government sector will sit together brainstorm new ideas, so that we can raise the standards of our education sector.”

The Committee said that there is now a tremendous amount of acceptance and acceleration in private involvement in public schooling and private schools account for 40% of total enrolment.

How to Prepare for Student Orientation Day

As soon as high school is over, students go off to their college of choice for orientation day. So much information is shared in one or two days that sometimes you cannot even remember what was shared. Here are some tips to do prior to going to orientation day that might help understand what is presented and enjoy the day!

Completion Records

Letting the high school counselor know where you are attending college is important so the final transcript can be sent to the admissions office. Final proof of high school completion and grades for senior year are reviewed by the colleges. Without the document, you may not be able to register for courses. Make sure your high school has submitted the final transcript.

For students who have a learning plan such as an IEP or 504 document, you may want to send a copy to the admissions office or the learning center at the college. For medical needs, the health and wellness center may be where the document needs to be sent. Make sure your student takes a copy to college as it is up to the student to advocate for their needs. Keep in mind that colleges have different policies regarding providing accommodations so talking to the admissions representative regarding support ahead of time might not be a bad idea!

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India to get no new B.Ed colleges this year

After observing the degrading quality of BEd institutes, the Centre has decided that this year no new teacher training institutions will be allowed in the country. Union HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar noticed that BEd colleges were opening like "fly by night operators" until now. "You pay today and get the degree tomorrow," he said.

"With the enhanced focus on the teacher training, all this need to be stopped. So it was decided no new BEd colleges will open in the country," he told reporters here. He said as far as opening of new colleges is concerned it will be a 'zero-year' and also existing colleges will have to undergo a quality audit.

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Research proven tips for increasing child’s IQ

You probably knew someone who was so smart in school, you were in awe of their brains. Until recently, scientists argued that intelligence was a fixed innate gift from the parents. There are many other factors that influence a child’s intelligence levels.

Studies have shown that it is possible to boost your child’s intelligence and creativity. The secret is to utilise the first ten years of the child’s life. Within that rare window of opportunity, the child’s brain can develop complex neural networks. And so the right steps should be taken to enhance the ‘wiring’ of the child’s brains.

Are you looking for tips that can boost the intelligence levels of adults and children?

Here are twelve science-proven ideas you can explore:

1. Get adequate sleep

Research has shown that children need to get at least eight hours of sleep for their bodies and minds to rest and develop. Sleep-deprived kids are at a risk of slow cognitive growth and maturation.

One study showed that students who score As got at least 15 minutes more sleep than those who got Bs. And students who scored Bs also got fifteen minutes more sleep than students who scored Cs. Sleep is vital in improving your child’s mental development. Make sure your children get enough sleep.

Govt Schools Lag In IT Education

In spite of major thrust on digitisation and computer education, the government schools are ill-equipped as compared to private educational institutions and only 2.3 percent primary, 18.17 per cent upper primary and 51.14 per cent secondary schools equipped with computer facility.

Concerned over falling learning levels and flight of students from government to private schools, the government has decided to introduce English from class I but it is far behind private schools as far as computer education is concerned.

As per latest data compiled by the government, only 239 primary, 375 upper primaries, 472 secondary and 1543 senior secondary schools are equipped with computer facility.

Himachal Government Teachers Union president Virender Chauhan said the smart classrooms were the need of the hour but Information and Communication Technology (ICT) labs are available in less than 20 per cent schools. Even where the facility is available it has not been connected with the Internet.

Tips to Make Math Your Child’s Favorite Subject

For many students, math can seem like a chore. Not only are the concepts sometimes tough at first, but teachers are required to keep their lessons moving at a particular pace, making it easy for any student to get lost in the classroom shuffle.

Parents however, can help make math more fun and engaging at home, helping students excel in school and enjoy themselves in the process. Here are a few ideas and tips for doing so.

• Pie Graph : 

Bring pie graphs to life by using real pies. First, bake together, assigning your child all the tasks that use numbers and math: measuring, counting and setting the timer on the oven. After the pie has cooled, it’s time to demonstrate the visual concept of halves, quarters and thirds. Ask your child to convert these fractions into percentages and decimals. Correct answers get a sweet reward!

• Gear Up : 

Math is no fun when one is not equipped to succeed. Ensure your child has a high-quality calculator that’s appropriate for his or her grade level. The K-12 line from Casio includes basic calculators, scientific calculators and graphing calculators that contain up-to-date functions that help distill math concepts.