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Tamil is the “oldest language in the world” that prevails more than two thousand decade. Tamil literature has undergone periodic upgradation according to the time period from sangam literature to modern era. Many love to read historical Tamil books for knowing the social, political and cultural development of people belonging to various periods in Tamilnadu. This creates awareness about the Tamil culture and tradition among people in this modern world. Not only Tamilians prefer reading those books but other state and country people wish to know about Tamil literature as it has created a great impact on them. Various reforms have been taken to renew our predominant Tamil literature. People make use of social media to portray its importance by having many discussions and debates.

For those Tamil literature lovers Edubilla, a leading Global Education and Information portal has taken a revolutionary step ahead and took responsibility in bringing the Tamil literature books in digitized form as Onbooks under different categories. It includes spiritual books in Tamil (Aanmeegam), Tamil literature (Ilakkiyam), Tamil grammar (Illakanam), Sagas in Tamil (Kaaviyam), Children Tamil songs (Kulanthaigal padalgal), Tamil short stories (Sirukathaigal), Self development stories in Tamil (Suya munnetram kathaigal), Biography in Tamil (Vaalkai sarithiram), Tamil Novels, Siddhar songs in Tamil (siddhar padalagal), Tamil dramas (nadagangal), Myths in Tamil (purana kathaigal), Tamil Essays (katuraigal), Poetry in Tamil (kavithaigal) and  Tamil folk songs (Naatar padalgal ).
You can read Tamil literature books online as you read by having the book in your hand in Edubilla and get to know more about the importance of Tamil literature.Those books are given in the digitized form as flipbooks for the convenience of the readers.
People belonging to various states and countries are very eager to learn our literature. As Tamilians we have to take the responsibility for reaching the Tamil literature worldwide.

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