How to pass exams easily with top grades

There are different kinds of exams, some are more difficult than others but the same techniques can be used to tackle all of them. No matter how difficult an exam may be, there is usually at least one person that gets a pass mark and that person could be you.

The techniques in this article are very practical and they are applicable to every examination:

1. Prepare

Prior proper planning prevents poor performance. You should always create enough time and space for your preparation. No matter how easy an exam may be, you still need to be well prepared for it. Exams are meant to test your ability and one of the abilities it seeks to test is your ability to read and comprehend. Never go into an exam hall without absolute conviction that you have done your best to prepare for that exam.

2. Take notes as you read

There are two major benefits of taking notes. The first is that it helps you to better understand what you are reading. Sometimes when you are writing an exam, you may have totally forgotten what you read but you somehow manage to remember what you wrote. Note taking also makes future reading easier. When you are reading for the second, third or fourth time, all you need to do is pick up the notes you have made and read instead of going through the whole book again.

3. Understand the marking scheme

This is one thing I try to do before sitting for any exam. You should find out which questions carry the most points especially in cases where you have both essay and multiple choice questions. This will help you to set your priorities right and effectively manage your time.

4. Believe in yourself

This point cannot be overemphasized. Always believe in yourself and your ability. Your attitude to any exam should be, “if only one candidate will pass this exam, it will surely be me”. This kind of faith will put anything you want in your hands.

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