How to prepare for the first day of college?

First day of college can really get on your nerves! From deciding what to wear to pinning in on the stuff you need to carry on the first day, making decisions can give you a real hard time. Preparing for the first day of college needs you to be completely ‘hands-on’ over your choices and needs.

Beginnings are always the harbingers of change. A totally new atmosphere, new set of people, a different aura might send chills of excitement down your spine. Your first day at college will most probably leave a tingling your mind as there would be too much to explore.

There are a number of things that one needs to keep in mind before you set off the alarm for your first day at college! Make sure that you’ve arranged all the important stationary that will be absolutely essential the next day. Do not end up sitting in the class with no notebook or paper; making yourself scribble notes on your hands with some borrowed ink! Keep a planner and a notepad to come handy in case your professor gives you important points to jot down. 

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