7 Healthy study tips & techniques to get good score in Exams

1) Eat Right

This has to be the most important one. With the pressure mounting each day, as your exam day, the biggest blunder you might be committing is neglecting food. Regular intake of food is not only essential for healthy mind and body balance, but a good diet can also help you strengthen your concentration power. Avoid junk food, it tends to slow you down, apart from inducing several other health consequences. Eat plenty of green vegetables and dry fruits. Fish, sprouted grains, fresh fruits also help in releasing tension and focus better.

2) Meditate

Meditation not only increases your concentration, but also combats the pre-exam jitters which often undo all your hard work and preparation. Keep your face upward, your palms open, kept on the lap facing upwards. Breathe gently. Do this for 10 to 15 minutes a day, ideally early morning. If done daily, you would also witness a considerable hike in your memory retention.

3) De-clutter and Arrange Your Study

A cluttered study space, can never result in a clear inflow of thought. We understand, how at this point you are going through every book and cluster of notes for the best possible preparation, but sparing 10 minutes to clear and organise your table would only help in better information retention. Also check all your notes are in order, and that you have all the handouts in place before you start off with your preparations.

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