Dubai student invents alarm to save kids

Dubai-based Indian expatriate Priyanka Praseed says she has a simple yet innovative solution which could help save hundreds of children's lives in the UAE, every year.

"The idea first came to me after reading headline about children accidently plunging to their death from balconies here," she told.

But what makes Priyanka's idea so unique is the fact that she isn't even a teenager yet. However, age is no obstacle for her.

The impressive Grade 7 Millennium School Dubai student has even had her idea recognised by the Dubai Municipality (DM).

"I had approached the Dubai Municipality Building Division and presented them this solution and subsequently I was referred to Dubai Civil Defense. I am waiting for an appointment now to present the idea to them."

So what is the innovation exactly? Well, in laymen's terms, it's an inexpensive sensor that alerts parents when a small child approaches a balcony or window. She calls it the 'Fall Alarm'.

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