How to keep education going through summer?

It is officially summer, with most kids already out of their regular school activities. However, this certainly doesn’t mean learning should stop for our kids. Many school-based Programs shift from more direct instruction-to child-oriented projects to make it more fun for the student.

Research shows that children learn best when presented with hands-on, playful learning experiences. Summer is a perfect time to put this into practice because they learn in a more relaxed, less rigid environment. It further confirms that young children flourish when they participate in cooperative and interactive activities because these activities provide children with opportunities to discover answers as they work through or seek to explore something they are interested in. This interest-driven and hands-on activity is what helps keep the children motivated and focused.

For parents who choose not to have their children join a school-based summer program, however, much more effort must be made to provide them with equally exciting summer family activities and to keep education going through the summer.

Where do you start?
For older children, a good beginning is to ask what are they interested in—music, movies, sports, or perhaps drama? Thereafter, find out what they would like to know. Perhaps, they would like to know how is a sport or game created. Then, let them choose what to do next like coming up with a new game or creating a video where they outline the rules of the game, among others.

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