Sports helps you to get into a great college

When it comes to getting admission in good colleges across the country, sports can give you a great helping hand. Athletics is not an easy task, something which is valued even by the education system; in pretext to this fact good athletes are given special places in a number of college admissions. Academic excellence alone is not the only ticket to land in a good college, something which has been proven over and over again by the admission of excelling sportsperson in leading colleges of the country. Athletics offers disadvantaged students a chance at gaining better college education, something which cannot be ignored in a country where many hardworking students lack behind due to the dearth of chances.

Excelling in sports can give you a chance that you might have missed in the academic arena. It gives students a chance to prove their mettle, although in a slightly different manner, yet with the same spirit. Just like a rigorously academically inclined student, a student who excels at sports also indulges in daily practice sessions and grilling preparations.

Excelling in sports is revered not only in India but also in countries all across the globe. Citing one of the countless examples of globally revered colleges where sports is taken very seriously, 17 Princeton University students successfully represented their country as well as their college in the London Olympics, 2012. 

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