How To Boost Student's Interest In Science

Students today take up science for the job possibilities and not for its world changing prospects. How can we boost their interest?

The past decade has witnessed quite some change in the education. Jobs that require routine skills have decreased, while technically centred jobs have dramatically increased. Studies speculate that routine jobs will gradually be taken up by software, or even robots, while jobs which require innovativeness or creativity are on the rise.

Interest in engineering going down

Engineering, which sat on top in the list of priorities for science students, is no longer attractive, and the going is not too great. Nearly 3,000 students dropped out of engineering in 2014-15, a 50 per cent rise from 2011-12 when 2,100 students left their courses midway. 

'Science' only taken up for jobs and exams

There is a shift of interest towards the study of arts.  We hear of growing dissatisfaction among recruiters with regard to the calibre of students. A study among students will definitely reveal that application of science is not really perceived wholeheartedly, but merely seen from the exam and job-availability point of view.

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