How to pass exams when there is no time to revise?

Every year, students worldwide tell themselves the same thing: "It's going to be different this time. I'm not going to leave anything to the last minute. I'll make a calendar and plan."

Of course, in reality that never happens.

It's the final hour and you're starting to panic. Don't worry. This isn't a guide to help you become more organised. This is a lesson on last-minute, caffeine fuelled cramming.

Here's how to pass exams when you've got barely any time to revise.

1) Don't panic

Probably the most important thing to remember. It might be the most important exam of your life, but you won't get anything done if you start running around like a headless chicken.

2) Find a suitable place to work

Your desk, the kitchen table, the library, a café, but wherever works for you and be prepared to stay there. Stay away from your bed, however as it will increase the likelihood of accidental napping.

3) Be prepared

Assemble your resources - paper, notes, water bottle. Don't worry if you can't find your favourite pen. This is crunch time. Make do with the pink highlighter if you have to.

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