Research proven tips for increasing child’s IQ

You probably knew someone who was so smart in school, you were in awe of their brains. Until recently, scientists argued that intelligence was a fixed innate gift from the parents. There are many other factors that influence a child’s intelligence levels.

Studies have shown that it is possible to boost your child’s intelligence and creativity. The secret is to utilise the first ten years of the child’s life. Within that rare window of opportunity, the child’s brain can develop complex neural networks. And so the right steps should be taken to enhance the ‘wiring’ of the child’s brains.

Are you looking for tips that can boost the intelligence levels of adults and children?

Here are twelve science-proven ideas you can explore:

1. Get adequate sleep

Research has shown that children need to get at least eight hours of sleep for their bodies and minds to rest and develop. Sleep-deprived kids are at a risk of slow cognitive growth and maturation.

One study showed that students who score As got at least 15 minutes more sleep than those who got Bs. And students who scored Bs also got fifteen minutes more sleep than students who scored Cs. Sleep is vital in improving your child’s mental development. Make sure your children get enough sleep.

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