Tips to find your right fit job

Like a good relationship, a new career can be fun, rewarding and even a source of inspiration. But just as you don’t expect to find true love by tapping a stranger on the shoulder on Valentine’s Day, it pays to think carefully about how to find a job you love.

These are some tips to find the right fit job.

1. Share the love through networking

Research by LinkedIn found 85% of all jobs are filled through personal networking.

Successful networking hinges on giving rather than just taking, so make a point of forming relationships that are mutually beneficial, and stay in touch. Organise regular get-togethers over coffee, invite the people in your network to professional events, or suggest they join you at trade fairs.

2. Build a personal brand

Take the time to polish up the avenues where you brand yourself – and that includes carefully managing your social media messages via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn by removing anything unprofessional or changing your privacy settings.

3. Look for companies you share a connection with

Opposites may attract, but couples whose relationship survives the long term often share similar values. A similar connection can make a valuable difference in the workplace. Research by Cornell University found one of the most important dimensions of job satisfaction is how you feel about what your company does.

4. Look for a role that highlights your traits

When it comes to knowing how to find a job you love, look for a role that truly puts your soft skills, qualifications and experience to good use. An OECD report found almost 40% of Australian workers feel they are over-qualified for their job – one of the highest rates of skill mismatch among OECD nations.

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