Tips to score high marks in CBSE Business Studies paper

The CBSE class 12 board examinations are round the corner and students of the commerce stream have had their noses burried in books and rigorous practice. With the need to equate balance sheets and a race to figure out macro-economic charts, students tend to take a breather when it comes to the more theory-based subjects like Business Studies (B St).

Theory-based subjects are as vital as any other subject and not giving B St as much attention can pull down your overall marks. Students must understand the most important concepts and answer the questions clearly. Most importantly, students must know how to present their answers during the paper.

Here are some tips to help you answer the questions in the best way possible:

1) Questions- Read the questions carefully before attempting the answer. Highlight the main points within each question so that you won’t have to go through the questions again while answering the paper. You will have 15-minutes before the paper begins to go through all the questions.

2) Rough sheet- The rough sheet is a saviour for many students as it provides the space to jot down some points that you may forget later. Whenever you remember something (while going through the questions or while answering a different question), quickly note it down in the rough sheet so that when you actually get to writing down your answer, you will have those points in front of you instead of needing to spend time thinking about them.

3) Write what you know first- You must always write those points first which they are sure about. For instance, if you believe you know six points to a three mark question, write the three points you are certain about first and then note down all other points. This must also be the case while picking the questions to answer first— always go for the answers you know before attempting those that you are not so sure about.

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